Letting Go Takes Great Courage ~ A message from Sue

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The process of letting go is not always easy but when you understand the process it doesn’t have to be so hard. Most people hold on longer than they are meant to and end up creating a lot more suffering for themselves and others.

Anytime we are guided to let go of something or someone we move through a grieving process. There is often a sense of loss and if we create space and allow ourselves to feel that loss we can move through the process of letting go with an underlying sense of peace. It really becomes a choice between listening to our head or our heart. When in doubt I always go to my heart and ask “What would you have me do now?” We have two choices. Do we follow the heart’s nudge to let go or do we allow the resistance in our mind to hold on longer than we are meant to?

I can hear the words now of one of my mentor’s and motivational speaker, Les Brown “Let go or be dragged.”

One choice leads to a process of grief, peace and freedom and the other leads to a boat load of suffering.

Letting go of something that is no longer serving our lives takes courage. It takes courage to take inspired action, to have the sweaty palm conversation, to feel the loss that goes along with letting go and to be open to the unknown. Sometimes we need to let go first before we can reach for something new and that can feel scary.

In the last couple of years I have been feeling my energy withdraw from my online instructor training courses. I have been teaching fitness and offering fitness workshops for personal trainers and group fitness instructors for more than 25 years. My online Pre & Post Natal Fitness courses and online certification program has been available internationally for more than a decade.

I explored the idea of having someone else take it over, refresh the courses and breathe new life into them. I followed that idea and the doors seemed to be opening and I felt good about gifting my courses to someone I trusted to continue my legacy. I felt peace in the idea of letting go and that my courses would still be available. Suddenly the flow stopped as obstacles showed up on our path. At first I was confused then I surrendered and opened my mind up to any possibility.

The Universe has a curious way of directing us when we don’t hear the whispers in our own heart. When things are flowing and suddenly stop or change directions I make a conscious choice to pause and reflect. When that door closed I felt another layer of loss. As I dropped into my heart I asked “What now?” I felt my hand gripping my courses. I had put so much time, energy, love and passion into them. I was attached and I needed to let go. I opened my hand and felt relief. I saw a beautiful new light coming in and all my energy being redirected toward it. I felt peace and excitement about my new path and as I looked back I saw myself letting go completely of my fitness courses.

The vision was not only to let go of my courses but to also let go of my fitness certifications. I devoted decades of my life to my work in the fitness industry and while my new vision was exciting, I also felt loss in the idea of letting go of everything. I sat with this vision for a couple more weeks then one day, in an instant, I felt a full let go in my mind and my body softened around it all. The gradually process of letting go is often a kinder path. Sometimes we need to try on ideas or different scenarios to help unwind our mind from any attachments. I was attached to this legacy I created and I was not only letting go of my courses and my certification, I was letting go of a big part of my life. I needed to surrender my mind and all the attachments before I could truly hear my heart.

As I tuned into my heart the guidance it was crystal clear now. It is time to let go. I have learned to follow my heart and trust in its’ guidance. My heart has led me to incredible miracles and I am in awe of my life.

My new direction and heartwork is my business Heart Led Living (www.heartledliving.com). By letting go I am creating space for some beautiful new miracles to come in. I am embracing my gift as an Intuitive Healer and working with clients all around the world. I am growing a global community of like hearted individuals around the world who are committed to their own deep healing and awakening to contribute to a global healing movement to uplift humanity. I am in the process of writing two books to be published and released this fall. We purchased property in Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean and I am offering Yoga and Soul Healing Retreats. Sometimes I need to pinch myself but the truth is, miracles are the side effect of following our heart.

Take a moment to reflect on your life and ask to be shown what is no longer serving you. Ask your heart what you are meant to let go of? Then feel what you need to feel in order to heal and be willing to walk with courage through the process of grief so you can arrive on the other side feeling clear and wide open to the miracles that your heart’s path is holding for you.

I appreciate you and I am grateful to share my life and my healing process with you. My mission is expanding and I am inspired to ignite and unite the hearts of many as we illuminate the path that will awaken humanity and raise global consciousness. May my light shine bright, be far reaching and call deeply to the hearts that I am meant to touch, inspire and empower. May you embrace your beauty, own your gifts, play your role and shine as bright as you possibly can. The world needs all of us to stand in love, now more than ever.

If you are interested in completing the Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification or taking any of my online courses you can register and complete them this fall. Remember as of December 31st, 2017 the fitness related courses will no longer be available.

Please note I will continue to offer the Fertility Yoga Online Teacher Training and I will be updating my Yoga for Fertility Handbook.

The following courses will be discontinued:

Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification (14 hours)

Fitness Fertility Specialist Certification

Core Training for Pregnancy/A Strong Core for Life

Pregnancy, Posture & Exercise

Training for Deliver

Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Understanding Pelvic Floor Health

Healing the Post Partum Body

Wired & Tired: Implementing a Stress Management Program

You can register online at www.familypassages.ca under instructor training. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me.

If you are inspired to stay connected you can find me at www.heartledliving.com

In the meantime I encourage you to follow your heart, feel to heal, trust your intuition and have the courage to take a leap of faith and let go of what is no longer serving you. It is so worth it!

Heart hugs,

Sue xo

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