suedumaisheadshotnewFor a long time I was confused about my ability to pick up on other people’s physical pain, emotional trauma and anguish. I was often bombarded by messages of pain and suffering from everyone around me including strangers.

They were never directing it at me but I was sensing and feeling it in my physical body. It was difficult for me to separate my pain from the pain of others because I felt it so deeply, as if it were my own.

What I once thought was a curse, I now see as a gift. Now that I understand how my intuitive abilities work I am able to turn it on and off and I know how to protect myself.

I can tune into my client’s pain, identify energy blocks and help shed light on past trauma that is causing their physical or emotional discomfort. I help them create a space in their mind, body and heart to allow healing to occur.

How we will work together:

1. You must feel a heart YES to work with me and I must feel a heart YES to work with you. Tune into your heart and ask to be shown. You will know if we are meant to work together.

2. I will not tell you what you WANT to hear but I promise to tell you what you NEED to hear.

3. This work is very deep. If you are willing and ready to heal deeply then I invite you to reach out to work with me.

I am grateful to be able to use my gift to be of service to others. I am honoured to be witness to the miracle of healing every day.

Heart hugs, Sue

About Your Intuitive Healing Session

In this session Sue can help you see the invisible and feel the intangible. She will read your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energy bodies to identify any root blocks that may be interfering with your health and well-being. Our bodies can hold the energy from past traumas for years and this old stagnant energy can lead to dis-ease and emotional disharmony.hand

If you are feeling stuck Sue can help you increase awareness and guide you through a process to release the root block and history anchors. She is able to feel and move the energy to support healing at the deepest possible level. You don’t need to believe or understand how energy healing works you simply need to be willing to explore and open your heart and mind to receive fully.

These sessions are deep and powerfully transformative. You need to come with a willingness to heal and a courage to go deep.

Whether you have a question about your fertility, your health, a relationship, your career, wish to communicate with a loved one who passed, receive a message from your Spirit Baby or you are feeling blocked or stuck Sue can help you.

Individual Session Investment: $150 CAD

Step 1: Click here to book your session with Sue Dumais

Step 2: Once you confirm your booking please click here to pre-pay for your session.

The sessions are generally 45-60 minutes are done by distance through phone or skype without video. Make sure you choose a quiet space free from distractions. It is ideal if you are able to lay down for the session.

Looking for a more affordable way to work with Sue on an ongoing basis?

As a Heart Led Living member you will receive access to Sue as your coach and healer every week on our live weekly calls. To learn more about becoming  a member click here.