Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification

(14 BCRPA/12 AFLCA/13 CMT Credits)

NOTE: This certification course is no longer be available effective Dec 31st, 2017. 

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fertilityThis certification is designed to prepare both fitness professionals and other healthcare providers (chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists etc.) to work with the pre & post natal population on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

You will learn:
• Exercise guidelines
• Par Med X for Pregnancy considerations
• Relative and absolute contraindications for exercise during pregnancy
• Current core and pelvic floor training methods for pregnancy and postpartum
• Research for treatment/prevention of diastasis recti (separation of the abdominals)
• Postural assessment and correction
• Pre and post natal symptoms to consider when training
• Nutritional guidelines
• Functional exercises and mind-body techniques to prepare labour and delivery
• Functional exercises and using mind-body awareness to improve strength and flexibility
• To provide positive and encouraging support (emotionally and physically)

4 Reasons to complete your Pre & Post Natal Fitness Certification with Family Passages

  1. Save travel costs and time by completing your certification from the comfort of your own home.
  2. No additional fees or yearly re-certification fees
  3. You are required to complete 4 hours per year of continuing education related to pre & post natal. You are not required to submit proof of your CEC’s as we trust you will fulfil your commitment.
  4. Earn valuable continuing education credits for BCRPA, AFLCA, CMT while learning leading edge educational tools.
  5. Qualify to apply for liability insurance covering you to work with the pre and post natal population.
  6. Receive a formal certificate showing your qualifications as a certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Consultant.

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Pre & Post Natal Certification – Part 1

(8 BCRPA/8 AFLCA/7 CMT Credits)

Sue Dumais’ unique mind body approach to pre & post natal fitness education will leave you feeling motivated and refreshed. Sue will teach you her gentle yet powerful method of introducing your clients to their bodies that will change how they move and function through pregnancy and beyond.

How to complete Part 1:

The following 4 online courses are required to complete Part 1 of Pre & Post Natal Fitness certification.

  1. Core Training for Pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy, Posture and Exercise
  3. Training for Delivery
  4. Weight Loss after Pregnancy

The 8 hours of theory can be completed online at your convenience.

Fee: $166 Package price $132.80 CAD (+ 5% gst)

Note: when you purchase all 4 courses in this package using the add to cart button below you save 20%. If you prefer you can register for each course separately here.

Included in the fee:
-A pdf copy of Sue Dumais’ book A Strong Core for Life
-Course notes online as a printable pdf
-Online webinar presentation with videos, photos and audio

Facilitator: Sue Dumais

NOTE: This certification course is no longer be available effective Dec 31st, 2017. 

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Pre & Post Natal Practical

(Part 2 of Certification)

(6 BCRPA/4 AFLCA/6 CMT Credits)

The practical portion of the certification enables you to practice your skills and apply the theory.

To complete the online certification process you are required to watch approximately 5 hours of video of the practical course taught by Sue Dumais. You must submit a video showing your ability to apply specific skills in a group class or one-on-one setting (core and postural assessments, case scenario etc). Upon successful completion of a practical and written evaluation you will receive a certificate as a certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Consultant.

Online course includes:

  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness Online Course Handouts (can be printed for offline study)
  • Online video of the live course demonstrating the practical skills, assessments and sample prenatal group class featuring Sue Dumais
  • Certificate of Attendance from Douglas College showing your CEC credits
  • Final exam to be completed online
  • Submission of a video showing specific practical skills you learned by watching the video demonstrations (must submit within 120 days from date of registration)
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness Consultant certificate
  • Email or phone support from Sue Dumais should you have any questions about the course materials (appointment needed for phone support)
  • Receipt of tuition payment from Douglas College to be used as a write off on your income tax form
  • Scope of Practice Handout

Pre-requisite: In order to become certified in Pre & Post Natal Fitness Consultant you must have a current certification as a weight trainer, fitness instructor, personal trainer or equivalent. Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and other health professionals may also attend but do not qualify to complete the certification process.

Fee: $175 CAD (online exam and practical evaluation included)

Facilitator: Sue Dumais

NOTE: This certification course is no longer be available effective Dec 31st, 2017. 

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What others are saying…

About Pre & Post Natal Fitness Theory Part 1:

“I have just finished the Pre/Post Natal Training Certification and am inspired and excited to begin working with this special population.  This course was very informative and was actually fun to complete.  I have two children under 2 and am pregnant with my third, so I was a little concerned with how I would find the time and energy to complete this certification.  One of the best aspects of this course is that you can work away at it at your own speed.  I never felt like I was running out of time, and I could always go back and review a previously viewed video to refresh my memory.  Quite possibly the best part of this course is the access to Sue.  If I ever had questions I could just email or call her and she would get back to me right away with answers.  I have taken other pre/post natal courses in the past and I can honestly say that this one is far superior!  Thanks again Sue for providing a wonderful certification course!”

~Kate Barltrop

“Sue has strong teachings skills and incredible knowledge. She is clearly keeping up and leading research in the field. It was a very meaningful, empowering day made possible by and open environment to share.”
Kate Fisher, Burnaby

“Fantastic & really useful information for myself as well as to give my clients. Wish I would have taken this course while I was pregnant or some type of prenatal course.”
Tanya E

“So much more than just exercises for pre/post natal. Awesome!”
Maureen French, Langley

“I found Sue’s teaching methods to be very uplifting and empowering. Not only did she have powerful experiences to share with us, she also had ways for us to connect with ourselves through this learning experience.”
Leah Seaton

About Pre & Post Natal Fitness Practical Part 2:

“Sue’s understanding and passion for pre-post natal is so strong and empowering – it was a weekend that will stay with me for a long time. Thank you so much for such a meaningful and positive experience. I’ve come away from the course with a sense of empowerment and relief.”
Kate Fisher, Burnaby

Sue was a very organized and thorough teacher. I felt like I actually came out of the course with more than just learning tools. I feel empowered and ever grateful I took this course.”
Leah Seaton

“Fantastic, loved the hands on since I am a kinesthetic leaner.”
Tanya E

“Thanks! Way more than expected. Awesome!”
Maureen French, Langley