LotusFlowerYoga for Fertility is a tool to heal your mind and body.

Whether you are just beginning this journey or have been struggling for a while yoga can help you prepare for pregnancy and Motherhood.

Through, yoga, meditation and self-nurturing you will discover ways to relieve stress, let go of negative thinking and nourish your reproductive well-being.

Yoga for Fertility can:

  • Help reduce stress and anxiety and increase your fertility
  • Create a positive self-image and positive thinking
  • Renew your sense of sexuality and feminine wholeness
  • Increase intimacy with your partner
  • Increase the blood and energy flow to the reproductive organs and increase your chances of conceiving
  • Restore your sense of control by showing you simple ways to take charge of you reproductive health

All I know for sure is that in practicing Yoga for Fertility, miracles happen. Miracles, that on a human level, I can’t even begin to find words for.

“You can be a Mother! I believe in you! I will hold faith for you until you believe it as deeply as I do. I will help you find meaning in your fertility journey. In finding meaning you will find peace and in finding peace, Anything is possible “

Sue Dumais

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Yoga for Fertility Handbook

By: Sue Dumais

This beautiful handbook teaches you specific yoga poses and meditation to enhance your fertility. It is filled with inspiring messages, colorful photographs and simple instructions to guide you.


Yoga for Fertility e Book NOW Available!

Save money, time, shipping and a tree by ordering your

e book today for only $9.95 CAD

(+ 5% gst)


What others are saying…

“Whether or not you’re wrestling with fertility difficulties, you’ll find Sue Dumais’ handbook to be a beautifully illustrated, inspiring primer for anyone looking for a clear, accessible introduction to yoga practice.”

Julia Indichova, author of The Fertile Female and Inconceivable

“The Yoga for Fertility Handbook has been a transformative tool through my fertility journey. It has given me physical, spiritual, and emotional support through its powerful questions and self-inquiry exercises. And now that I have conceived, I know that this handbook was instrumental in helping me reconnect with my body and calm my mind on my path to conception. I recommend this handbook to any woman seeking personal growth, deep relaxation and inner healing on her path to motherhood. Thank you Sue for this beautiful book!”



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Fertility Yoga & Meditation Kit

Sue Dumais has created this beautiful Fertility Yoga & Meditation Kit to help you to create your own yoga practice in the comfort of your home.

Your Kit Includes:

~ Sue Dumais’ Yoga for Fertility Handbook filled with inspiring messages, colorful photographs and simple instructions to guide you through each posture (value $9.95 for e book)

~ 3 Fertility Yoga downloadable audio classes* that guide you through a full 1 hour yoga class as you discover new ways to become fertile and powerful in all areas of your life (Value $29.85)

~ 2 soothing Fertility Meditations* to help you unleash your full fertile potential ($19.90)

~ Free article download: “Solve Your Fertility”

* download to your computer, iPod or mp3 player and bring your yoga practice anywhere

Sue has chosen mp3 audio classes instead of a DVD so you can close your eyes, relax and turn your awareness inward to heal.

Total Value: $ 58.70

Save money, time, shipping and a tree by ordering your

e version of the kit today for only $19.95 CAD (+ 5% gst)

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Fertility Yoga Audio Classes

Experience Sue Dumais’ voice guided Yoga for Fertility audio class. Listen online or download to your Ipod or mp3 player. Each audio class follows the class sequences outlined in Sue Dumais” Yoga for Fertility Handbook.

Sue has chosen mp3 audio classes instead of a DVD so you can relax and turn your awareness inward to heal.

Investment: $14.95 ONLY $9.95 CAD each (+ 5% gst)

This is less than the cost of going to one yoga class!

The following classes are available:

Class #1 Theme: Awareness & Acceptance (1 hr)

Class #2 Theme: Forgiveness & Surrender (1 hr)

 Class #3 Theme: Grounding & Connection (1 hr)

(generally I recommend you begin with class # 1 but classes can be taken in any order – begin with the one that resonates with you)

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Ignite your Fertile Fire

(ebook with audio links)

There is a place within you that can take adversity and transform it in a way that can motivate and inspire you to keep moving forward. There is a power and wisdom within that can move mountains and allow you to reach your dreams. This e-book will teach you how to release blocks and unleash a power within that can transform your fertility into a journey of inspiration, hope and trust.

You will learn:

  • How to identify tension and negative energy in your body that may be interfering with your ability to conceive
  • How to clear negative energy and ground yourself during times of anxiety
  • How to reconnect with your lost self and find a deep sense of inner peace and guidance
  • Meditations and visualizations that will help align your thoughts with your energy so that you can feel fertile, creative and alive

Investment: $12.95 SALE $ 6.95 CAD (+ 5% gst)

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Find a Fertility Yoga Class


The following list of resources was created to help you find a class in your area. They are not affiliated with Sue Dumais or Family Passages. Although some of the instructors have taken Sue  Dumais’ Fertility Yoga Training Course they are independent instructors that have begun to teach classes in their area.


British Columbia:

(mp3 Downloadable classes) Sue Dumais www.familypassages.ca

(Delta/Richmond) Brenna Jacobson www.southdeltapfilatestherapy.com

(Vancouver) Ashleigh Stewart www.sacredspacestudio.ca (scroll down page to find fertility yoga class info)

(Penticton) Wildflower www.shantiyogatherapy.ca

(Kamloops) Clare Blanchflower 250-486-5739 www.playandrest.com

(Prince George) Carla Wainwright www.chinookyoga.com


(Calgary) Audra Duran, ashtangalove@yahoo.com

(Calgary) Leora Hornstein www.healthymomandme.com

(Edmonton) Kelsey Wilson http://www.kelseywilson.com/fertility-yoga.html


(Regina) Amy Walls http://www.amydawns.com

(Saskatoon) Joanne Yanke www.jyyoga.ca/fertility.php


(Troy & Dundas) Nicole Doyle www.yogaforfertility.ca

(Whitby) Carla Valesi, 905-242-6647

(Toronto) Celeste Shirley www.theyogahouse.ca

(Toronto) Sandra Callender www.breathprint.com

(Barrie) Dawn Balfour www.thewillowyogastudio.com

(Ottawa) Carla Nigro www.rasanutrition.com

(Ottawa) Robyn Daigle www.elationcentre.com 613-322-3068


(Montreal) Tasha Lackman www.childsposefertility.com

(Beaconsfield) Dr Karmel Johal


(Watertown, MA) Kerry Hinds http://www.ombirths.com/workshops-and-trainings/2016/11/7/fertile-body-yoga

(Orlando, Florida) Adriana Babler www.serendipity-birthing.com/fertility-yoga

(White Plains, NY) Beth Gibney-Boulden www.FullCircleFamilyCare.com

(Baltimore, Chicago, Austin) www.pullingdownthemoon.com

(Seattle, WA) www.yogaforfertility.net

(Minneapolis) Jennifer Colletti www.fertilegroundingyoga.com

(Midland Park & Engelwood, New Jersey) Mary Ann Gedhardt, 201-370-3237

(Dover, New Hampshire) Heather Parker-Jones www.childlightyoga.com


(Sydney, NSW) Karen-Anne Wong http://flyingdragonyogis.com.au


(Copenhagen) Thilde Vesterby http://omshanti.dk/