An open letter to my uterus

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My dear uterus,

We have been through so much together and I am deeply grateful for every experience we shared. While my awareness of you didn’t really come until my menstrual cycles began, I know you played a vital role from the very beginning. In truth our relationship began before I was even conceived. I know with all my heart I had chosen a challenging path filled with many powerful life lessons designed for the awakening and evolution of my soul.

We have healed so much together through painful and heavy menstrual cycles, sexual abuse, fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis, fertility challenges, a miscarriage, pregnancy, child birth, times of deep loss and buckets of shame and guilt.

The last 10 years have been particularly challenging and at times brought me to my knees. I made a conscious choice to heal at the deepest possible level and for the longest time I thought that meant you had to heal along with me. As I peeled away all the layers of guilt, shame, grief, fear and pain many symptoms improved yet you continued to weep. As an intuitive healer I believed that ANYTHING can be healed and I did everything possible to heal you. Even when I healed several fibroids they would grow back. I knew I wasn’t getting to the root.

I opened my mind to a new perspective. I became wide open to the guidance and willing to look at any path I was guided toward. When I finally let go of my attachment to heal you and became wide open to the guidance within my heart I finally heard the truth.

We created a spiritual contract for this lifetime that was designed to end with surgery. It was already written that there would come a point when it was time to remove you from my physical body. It took months for me to fully let go of my deep desire to heal you. It just wasn’t meant to be.

We had programmed you for a lifetime of dis-ease on purpose so that one day I would wake up and realize it was time to say goodbye. When I was able to release all my fear of having surgery, my shame around not being able to heal you, my worry about how I would recover, my concerns and fears about what others would think and my judgment that as an intuitive healer I should be able to heal anything in my own body, my decision to have a hysterectomy was clear in my heart.

I know in my heart I have made the best decision for both of us because when I follow my guidance it is for everyone’s highest good including you. We have walked this path of healing for many years and I am grateful for the role you played in my life. You played your part well.

I release the fear of not having another child as well as the fear of becoming pregnant once again. For my body is not meant to have another pregnancy in this lifetime. I release the shame you held for me and I am grateful for the powerful lessons you taught me. I free you from our sacred contract and hold you in gratitude forever and a day.

Weep no more my sacred friend for you are now free.

Thank you for everything you did for me. It was all worth it. I bid you farewell my good friend and hold your energy forever in my body and soul. It has been 5 weeks after surgery and I still feel your presence. While you have been physically removed from my body your energy and love remains within. It feels as if the dis-eased programming has been removed with my physical uterus and an energetic uterus remains in place.

I feel stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I feel more joy and excitement for the adventures that life holds for me. My spirit is rising above the binds of suffering and my soul is evolving as the changes continue to integrate.

May our relationship be transformed to represent the beauty, divine love, creativity and sacredness it deserves. Thank you thank you thank you!

With much love and respect,


P.S. I was guided to share my personal experience to provide another perspective on how we can heal. I was afraid to have surgery for many reasons. Letting fear stop us from following our heart is aligning with ego which keeps us in suffering. My guidance was to have surgery. This was my unique path. We each have our own unique path to healing that is already programmed into our heart. I encourage everyone to follow their intuition and lead with their heart when it comes to healing and making decisions about their health. If you would like to discover your unique path to healing you can learn how in my new book “Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work”

Sue Dumais receives Woman of Worth Award

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Sue Dumais received the “Woman of Worth Spirit, Success & Soul” Award at the 10th annual WOW Conference in Vancouver, BC in May 2014!WOWaward2014

When Sue stood up on stage to receive her award she shared these words:

“I spent most of my life trying to prove my worth to others. One day I realized the only person I needed to prove my worth to, was me.” ~ Sue Dumais


Here are the words from Rev Lisa, who was one of the six individuals who nominated Sue.

What makes this nominee the perfect choice for this award?

What a privilege it is to nominate Sue Dumais for the Woman of Worth: WOW of Spirit, Success & Soul Award. Sue’s purpose is pure of heart. She does not ask for awards, rewards and recognition and this is why it is such an honor to share about a brightly shining woman who truly embodies the essence of WOW. What a miracle it would be to see her accepting the Spirit Award. Her whole life is devoted to the Spirit of Love!  She is the creator and mentor of a Heart Led Living Community that was birthed from her direct and clear connection with the Spirit! This is her Heart’s Work, made manifest. Sue’s devotion to her Inner Calling permeates all aspects of her life. She follows her Inner Spirit and teaches other’s to connect deeply with their own heart. This is what drives her unceasing passion to share and inspire others. It is the fire that has created the Heart Led Living Community, the inspiration that has written her new book “Heart Led Living” and the focus, presence and love she brings to each divine encounter. Whether people have the honor of speaking to Sue one on one or hearing her speak on stage, they will feel the powerful Spirit speaking through her reaching out to touch their hearts and souls. Sue is all heart. She is living her life purpose.

Give two examples of how this nominee personifies the elements of the WOW Credo.

Sue Dumais has a powerful impact in this world. She uses her voice and her life as a catalyst for true healing and change. She personifies the WOW Credo in numerous ways as she follows her Spirit and inspires faith and courage in many. I have had the honor of being one of her closest friends and know that she is grateful to be alive today. She has been through tremendous adversity and as those experiences brought her to her knees and in the depth of despair something within her stirred. Her faith was renewed, her courage ignited and her Spirit awakened. Her life challenges became a springboard to inspire and motivate women all around the globe.

When Sue began to struggle with infertility she realized the emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual turmoil countless women were facing. She also recognized that many were suffering in secret. With courage and conviction, she became the voice, inspiration, and motivation for thousands of women who were looking for another way to deal with their fertility challenges. She opened a mind-body studio called Family Passages to Wellness, wrote a book on Yoga for Fertility, and began to share her powerful story of renewal and healing. She continues to counsel and inspire healing by teaching the essence of the WOW Credo to the women she meets along the way.

In healing all the pieces  of her fertility puzzle, Sue discovered a divine connection to her Spirit that she had learned to trust and listen to. She knew there was another way to move through life that was based on following her Inner Spirit as opposed to following the harsh dictates of society. Once again, Sue felt to create a powerful community for women that really embodies the WOW Credo. The Heart Led Living Community is a safe, non-judgmental, sacred healing community that teaches women to listen to their Inner Teacher and follow their hearts. Amazing things are happening in the Heart Led Living Community! Women are aligning with their highest purpose, they are healing their deepest wounds and they are shining their lights into their own families, communities and heart-centred projects. Sue is an amazing catalyst for change and is now having an impact all over the globe. Her new book “Heart Led Living” is set to be released in early June, 2014!

Give two examples of how this nominee demonstrates the criteria of this award category.

The light and love within us, is for sharing. Sue is an extension of the Spirit and she mentors others to live within the light of their own heart. Much of the Spirit’s work she does is done quietly without applause. She is a miracle worker that has literally ignited beautiful transformation in many individuals. I have witnessed so many moments where Sue has courageously guided others to face their greatest fears or to embrace their greatest opportunities. She is a truth teller and an angel on this earth. So many of her clients who struggled with infertility, became pregnant, not only with babies but with faith, hope and renewed passion for life. She is mentoring women in her heart led living community to become way showers, to follow their intuition and to trust beyond all doubt the power of the Spirit within. I have watched her heal depression, disease and devastation in the heart’s of others. And the greatest example I can give, is the impact Sue has had in my own life where she is walked me through the darkness and into the Light. My own peace of mind and faith would not have been possible without Sue in my life. She has been a constant Light in my life and one of the greatest gifts and blessings that has come on my path.

Give one example of this nominee’s contribution to her community and/or organization specific to this award.

I believe Sue Dumais’ greatest contribution to her community is her courage to openly share and reveal the truth of her own spirituality journey. Through her open-hearted speaking, writings, and community calls, I have watched Sue, use her greatest challenges as inspiration for others that healing is possible. Her willingness to share whatever her Inner Spirit asks, takes tremendous courage but has maximal impact. Thank you Sue for the willingness to bring your greatest life challenges through child abuse, alcoholism, anorexia, infertility and cancer as the gifts that have inspired transformation, faith and true connection in so many!!! I am deeply grateful! I love you!!!