Sue DumaisSue Dumais blends her gifts as an intuitive healer, heart led living coach, yoga teacher and international speaker to provide a transformational experience like no other.

She has been trained and mentored by Les Brown, one of the top 5 speakers in the world, and she has spoken in front of audiences 10,000 strong with unshakeable confidence.

Sue has been honoured to share the stage with Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Dennis Waitely, Marianne Williamson and Les Brown.

She truly owns her power on stage and has been teaching, speaking and training for more than 20 years. Sue brings a deep level of insight, awareness and self empowerment to her audience. Her gift is to inspire other to awaken their innate ability to heal, trust their intuition, follow their hearts and discover their YES for life.

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Some of her popular speaking topics include:

Solve your Fertility Puzzle

Learn mind body tools to help you face obstacles, cope with challenges and make peace with the path that is in front of you. Shift from desperate decision making into clarity as you build trust in your intuition and let your heart take the lead. Embrace an empowering new perspective when considering egg or sperm donor, IVF, adoption or the choice to remain child free. Move from confusion to clarity as Sue teaches some proven mind body techniques that reduce stress and anxiety and increase your chances of conceiving.

Heart Led Living ~ When Hard Work Becomes Heart Work

This talk empowers the listener to heal the burdens of their past and embrace the truth that life’s challenges are designed to awaken our soul. Inspiring them to embrace a new perspective that whatever we go through we grow through.

Sue Dumais teaches the 10 guiding principles from her latest book “Heart Led Living” by weaving her courageous story of self discovery and personal transformation. As she brings the audience into a deep reflection they gain insight about their own life. They walk away with some transformative tools to help them learn to trust their intuition, lead their heart and discover their YES for life!

The Heart of Healing

Inside our heart we hold our unique recipe for healing. It begins with shining light on the root of the disharmony and shifting our limited perspective we hold around illness, injury, fertility challenges or dis-ease. When we dive deep into the heart of healing we tap into a divine inner wisdom and we awaken our innate ability to heal.

Abundance Breakthrough

Do you struggle with never seeming to have enough money? Do you know you could be of deeper, fuller service in the world, if you had the financial means to do so? Are you ready to learn how to align with a generous flow of authentic abunDANCE?

The amount of money in your life is not a problem… it is a symptom.  It is a result of your energetic alignment (or misalignment) with the authentic abundance that is everywhere. Learn powerful techniques for transforming your relationship with money and abundance, including meditation, energy clearing, intuitive healing and mindset reprogramming. Join intuitive healer Sue Dumais and experience a tangible shift in your relationship with universal abundance, so you can begin attracting more of it into your life.

The Fertile State of Mind: How to Thrive While Nurturing Others and Nourishing Self

The body, mind and spirit can heal from the known and unknown obstacles that lock up our creativity and self-expression. In the same way that we need to repair the economy, we need to slow down, assess and repair the economy of the soul.

The Fertile State of Mind can be expressed in every area of life. When you find meaning and peace in each moment you tap into a sacred space within and you awaken your innate ability to heal self and others.
~ Understand what it mean to follow your intuition
~ Learn what trusting your intuition really means
~ understanding resistance and transforming it into an opportunity to heal
~ the power of using awareness and curiosity to increase our creativity